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We are using the Platt Christian Centre for all our outreach which includes the Chef arriving at 7.30 to prepare the lunch to go out the same day, staff and volunteers bagging up the Supply Bags, Support Workers telephoning clients, the Drivers picking up donations and delivering meals and so much more.  There is a lot of administration to do, collecting statistics, monitoring and generally ensuring that all our clients receive the best care we can give at this current time.  Paul Beadle is our RISE SW15 Centre Manager and is overseeing, along with our RISE SW11 Centre Manager, all the outreach that Regenerate-RISE is currently doing.

Expressions of Kindness

During these difficult days, we have endeavoured to give an Expression of Kindness every two weeks and these have included fresh fruit, flowers, chocolates, a ploughmans, toiletries etc.

Celebrating Birthdays

Regenerate-RISE remembers everyone's birthdays at this time and surprises the person with a cake, flowers or chocolates and staff or volunteers take an IPhone or CD player to play their favourite song and sing Happy Birthday to them.

Savoy on the Streets

While the weather is reasonable we are holding "Savoy on the Streets" or Tea for Two and it is a special occasion with the best crockery, fresh salmon sandwiches and cakes.  If you can't go to the Savoy, then the Savoy comes to you.  We can play music and we always leave the guest with a bunch of flowers.





Supply Bags and Lunches

We have given out 3,884 Supply Bags now and 5194 lunches.  We give fresh eggs, cheese and bread along with items that will last for some time.

Toilet rolls are included, toiletries, drinks and hopefully it is always a surprise for the recipient.  We travel right across Wandsworth and deliver them all during the week.  We are very grateful to the volunteers for their support and the older people absolutely love having their Supply Bag delivered by a young person and even though it is a short 5 min conversation, it means so much to each one of them.    The bags contain a variety of goods including fresh bread, cheese, eggs, tea, coffee, tinned food and many other items - so a real mixture  and always a nice surprise for all those receiving one.  For the lunch menu for September, please click here Menu October 2020







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Bingo is still an activity that our clients enjoy and we are starting a "Bingo by Phone" once a week with each participant linked to a staff member or volunteer on the other end of the phone, based in the Centre.   We are also looking to start an Chair-based Dance Exercise Class in the open air with Georgia who had run exercise classes for over a year now.  Being in lock down for so long leads to a number of health issues, so we are hoping that we will be able to motivate people to take part.

Many of our clients have been in hospital during the last five months and that always leads to a lack of mobility.  Dance Chair-based Exercises are fun and we are looking forward to initiating two new activities.

We will also be organising some tea parties in gardens over the next month and if there is anyone in SW15 who would like to open up their garden for a small group of older people, we would be very grateful.










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