Mo SmithRISE (Reaching the ISolated Elderly) was a project initiated by REGENERATE.com in 2001 following a participatory needs assessment of the Roehampton area by the Wandsworth Primary Care Trust.  REGENERATE.com was started in January 2000 by Mo Smith and her son Andy SmithRoehampton blocks when they identified the need for a Lunch Club in the heart of the Alton Estate - the second most deprived area in the borough of Wandsworth.

From those small beginnings sprang RISE in Roehampton. Following the closure of the Robert Joy Day Centre in Putney, a second RISE was opened to reach the isolated elderly in Putney from the Platt Christian Centre in Felsham Road, Putney and has beenfunded by Wandsworth Borough Council ever since.

In April 2006 REGENERATE.com divided into two organisations with each one focusing on their specific target group and a new Company Limited by Guarantee and registered charity called Regenerate-RISE was born.Platt Christian Centre In April 2007 Regenerate-RISE amalgamated their two projects into one and works from the Platt Christian Centre in Putney.

The vision of Regenerate-RISE is to eradicate isolation across the UK and over the years we have worked in Sheffield, Ealing and Nottingham.  Sadly, at various times we have had to close Sheffield and Ealing due primarily to the funding running out.  We continued in Nottingham until July 2020 when Covid-19 forced us to close due again to a lack of funding to keep it going through the crisis.  Today, we are based just in Wandsworth and have two projects, RISE SW11 in Battersea and RISE SW15 in Putney - both projects are currently providing services across the borough from Roehampton to Tooting.

Regenerate-RISE's mission is to eradicate isolation across the UK.Intergenerational We provide a combination of services which include lunches, outings, activities, pastoral and practical support, outreach, hospital and home visiting. We believe in celebrating life, fulfilling dreams, forming friendships and giving older people a reason to live.


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A New Vision of Care

The Trustees of Regenerate-RISE are always looking forward to how we can best serve our local communities. One of our projects that reaches out to the community is a new project of providing "Discharge Boxes" for older people leaving St George's Hospital, Tooting.


We would like our care to extend beyond the members who attend RISE or who are visited regularly to those in our community to those who are in a specifically vulnerable position - and that is often those who are in hospital and do not have family or friends to visit them.  We hope to still provide dressing gowns along with the essential goods that ensure a patient has supplies when they return home.






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